Bristine Perrigrew, The Lady in Black

Fourth Session

The party fought there way through an ambush by unknown people. At the end of the fight, one of the ambushers threw an object at the ground making everything go black for everyone. When they awoke, they discovered that they were deep underground. It took them 4 days worth of exploring to make their way out of the cave/mine. At one point on their way through, they found a small bag on a pedestal. When they grabbed the bag, a large boulder came from the ceiling and chased them down a narrow hallway, where they barely managed to beat it to the end. When they searched in the bag, they only found one coin which Zook is currently carrying in one of his pockets. When they arrived at the mouth of the cavern, they discovered a small group of orcs and an Ettin making camp at the entrance. They fought their way through them with ease. 


When they left the mouth of the cavern, they noticed that they were still by Metrol in the Mournlands, but it wasn't the same as before.


LeaKyLemur25 LeaKyLemur25

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