Bristine Perrigrew, The Lady in Black

Third Session

The party, through some tricks with a magical shield, bartered their way down to 50 gold for Captain Jeremy to take them to Karrlakton. 

While searching for information, Artorius ran into a man named Moad Huyt. Moad said that they shouldn't go to Metrol. He feared for their safety there. Artorius offered the Moad a room for the night and they chatted again in the morning during breakfast. Moad then left the inn on his own.

The party then left with Captain Jeremy to sail towards Karlakkton. Towards the end of the journey, they were attacked by a number of archers. Through the ranged potential of Artorius and Penny, they fought off the attackers and continued on their way. When they reacher Karlakkton, Captain Jeremy stated that he would take them the rest of the way to Metrol for an additional 20 gold. The party agreed and they were dropped off by a bridge near Metrol.


The party made their way through the first bit of the Mournlands and right after they crossed a bridge of a small stream it became really foggy. Barely visible through the dense fog, the party noticed a figure with two swords moving.


This is where we ended the third session. 


LeaKyLemur25 LeaKyLemur25

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