Bristine Perrigrew, The Lady in Black

First Session

The adventurers met with Ronald  in Olath. Ronald led them to the house of Bristine Pettigrew. At the house, Bristine told them that she was a Seer and needed their help in order to help her with her visions. She believes that her visions will help her save the world. Bristine told them of the location of 3 pieces of a relic that, when put together, would allow her to control her visions.  The locations of the pieces were in Metrol, somewhere in the Jungle Ravar Orioth, and on the island of Eledar. 


The crew agreed to help and headed out to the North towards Flamekeep, wheere they plan to hire a boat to an area near Metrol.


On the way to Flamekeep, they ran into two groups of people who were arguing about the other side stealing their cattle. Through the great words (though slightly seductive) of your Bard they were able to calm both sides. The ranger then noticed that there were some animal tracks leading away from the area where the cattle was kept. The crew continued North where they found an old ruin. At the ruin, they were ambushed by 3 Cockatrices. They slayed the Cockatrices and this was the end of the first session.


We weren’t ambushed. We hunted them down like the monsters they were.

First Session
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